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The missing ladder to start climbing to your success with Elevation Income by Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard & Robert Hirsch have a problem - they've seem to forgotten how non-millionaires get started from nothing.

You don't have to be millionaire to use Dillard's Evolution Income - but it helps.

That's where their Elevation Income starts off - with a gap you have to fill yourself. Like you have to bring your own ladder to the fire, as the firemen always start with the 2nd or 3rd story and have no way to reach the ground.

In typical launch format these days, they laid out most of their system in the second video. Here's an analysis I did while waiting for the launch itself to open:

Just like I reviewed here - it's a bit out of whack with the idea of anyone being able to build a home business in 90 days.

The flip side of this is that his original public has already been tapped for $97 per month for his Elevation Group investing video-diary.

Did Mike Dillard forget what he was teaching over at Magnetic Sponsoring?

There, he taught the "funded proposal" which was a way you got a home business to pay for your network marketing expenses - including all the advertising, auto-ship, monthly web-hosting, etc.

You got the business started with a very small investment, then bootstrapped this into your major income by getting all these sponsors onto their own auto-ship and also duplicating the scene you set up. That's where your wealth started happening with his MS system.

Given, that you are telling them to push Magnetic Sponsoring, which meant you got around a 40% commission on everything they bought through Dillard. But it's better than setting it up yourself.

In Elevation Income, he (partially) pulls back the curtains so you can learn how to set up a membership site like he did.

In this, he starts telling you how he actually made his millions. Yes, it's duplicable, but you have to read carefully between the lines.

I've gone through his written lessons several times now, and not gotten through all his long videos - so I'm sure more details will show up. But the point is in finding out how to do this. And how to do it from scratch - like all us non-millionaires have to do.

What Actually Made Dillard His Millions.

  1. An intense desire to succeed.
  2. Copywriting skills
  3. Sales Funnel on a Membership backend
  4. Product Launch Formula
That's really it:

Successful JV Launches culminating in Membership sign-ups fueled by hard-won  copywriting skills.

The great part is that you can do all of the above with minimal outlay - as I've already covered.

As for learning copywriting, in a single afternoon, I was able to search and find and download 157 PDF's which covered some or most of the key material from copywriting legends (hint: search for that phrase along with "filetype:PDF") and now I can study them.

Similarly for membership - Dillard does drop that tip of using WishList plug-in on a Wordpress backend. But there are many membership plug-in's out there.

All of Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula can be worked out from his various available video's, especially if you find one of his own launches ongoing - but the data is all out there. (I did that research and posted in on an update to "Just Publish: Ebook Creation for Indie Authors" so an author could use this data in launching a new book.)

His "rain-making" skills are touted as copyrighting. (I have much more to say about his 'alpha' ideas later.)

Logically, I can't see that you are going to get anywhere unless you know how to market your product and yourself.  So investing some time daily to get through that load of PDF's (my next personal assignment) is a logical way to proceed.

Meanwhile, the membership scene can be started on any existing webhost. Cpanel hosting gives you wordpress for free - so it's just a hundred-buck one-time outlay.

Then scrape together how Jeff Walker does product launches and you'll be set.

- - - -

Well, it took awhile, but now you have the bottom line.

Yes, if you have the dough, then go ahead with the monthly expenses Dillard lays out.

Otherwise, follow his original plan of making your funded proposal pay for your business marketing costs - and prepare to spend the hours of any free time mastering copywriting and marketing basics. (I'll post my own list shortly for these...)

See you at the top.
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