Friday, April 3, 2015

Funded Proposals - The Secret to Making Real Income in MLM

Most people are going about their online marketing all wrong...

And that's why they never make any real income from what they do.
Most network, affiliate and Internet marketers don't know how to really succeed.The basic problem is that they don't know what they don't know.
Yes, I had it all wrong to begin with, too.
I floundered around with talking to my immediate friends and family and wondering why no one really wanted to hear all about the amazing opportunity I'd found. Meanwhile, I kept buying and trying these products, and doing all of their online courses I could. I figured that if I kept searching around the company website, I'd find the answer.
No, I never did. (But I was meanwhile going more and more broke...)
The answer came when I was just about to give up on the whole company. My uplines was out of town and not available. Nothing I was doing in all these months of work was even getting a prospect in front of me, much less someone who wanted just to buy some of this product. So I sat down, dejected, in front of my computer and started surfing - seeing if anyone else had this problem.
Somehow, I stumbled upon Magnetic Sponsoring and that author's free video bootcamp.

The Secret was hidden in plain sight.

Mike Dillard now devotes his energy to helping others achieve real wealth.People are mostly mis-trained about marketing and "making money". 
As a herd animal, humankind is trained to always follow, to not stand out. Yet it's the real leaders, the entrepreneurs, who take the risks and attract the following.
Mike Dillard found this out - and became a millionaire before he turned 27.  All the clues were right in front of him, yet he was still poor and struggling - because neither he nor anyone else had put them together into a pattern that made sense. 
And when he did, he was able to build his business rapidly and became a name in the marketing world on his own - a "phenomenon". 
His turning point what when he simply decided to sit down and just study what worked, instead of continuing to do what everyone else did.

Simply: you make marketing pay for itself.

Money is tight when you're starting, so the best way to start is the funded proposal.People starting out in online marketing, weather it's multi-level-marketing or anything else, can fall into the trap of thinking they have to spend a lot of money - that they don't have - in order to "drive traffic to them". Great sums are spent on advertising in the hopes that the numbers will turn in their favor. 
But for the vast majority of people doing this, they never  accomplish anything that  is close to their dreams. Because they are following the wrong example.
Leaders lead. And that's the point. When you narrow down what works and focus on applying only what works - it's then you start making progress.
And people start following you because of your success.
Dillard discovered and perfected the "funded proposal", which is simply a system where interested people are attracted to an opportunity and then lead to their own success by giving them low-cost, high-value educational and training materials that they already want, need, and have been looking for.
And after that discovery, Mike Dillard tested these results and made his millions within his own company. Other people were easily able to duplicate what he did and so built a fast-growing team of people using this system. That team grew and grew - because his system was easily duplicated and taught. But while he could have kept this only to himself and his team, he knew that he had to get it out to the world. So...

...he gave it away as a free series of online videos and an inexpensive book.

Mark Hall studied the funded proposal and came up with his unique backend - you can start today!That's where it all started to turn around for Mark Hall. He had been working around his MLM company for literally a decade. When he came across Dillard's work, he was able to quickly get 4 people sponsored on his own and saw how this fantastic system would work for anyone. 
He'd already tried all these solutions being sold online to "get leads" and found that they were too expensive for the average person to get started. Again, they had set the bar too high for someone just starting out. So Hall took his expertise as a web developer and programmer to build a back-end which anyone could afford - so people could learn these basics and apply them, while their incoming prospects funded the simple marketing costs.
So Hall's success again proved Dillard's system could be applied by anyone in anysituation.
And Mark named his backend: "MLM Rock Stars".

You may be asking yourself - so which should I chose?

The answer is "both".
And you can start for nothing but free.
In both cases, Dillard and Hall give away the key principles right off the bat. They tell you immediately what you need to know to succeed - and become outrageously profitable "overnight." 
Once you know how to succeed, it's easy to make your fortune online.The rest of it is providing the additional needed tools and training to streamline what you are now doing to quickly build and lead your own team of marketers. Which means you can duplicate Mike Dillard's success and become a millionaire in a few years or less.
It is, of course, up to you. It's your choice.
Click on both of the above ads on the top left(they'll open in new windows or tabs). Sign up with both for their free materials. Study these. Decide if what they offer will help. 
It's that simple. The clock is ticking - and you probably won't find this page again.
See you in the Online Millionaire's Club. I'll be looking for you there.

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