Elevation Income - Review and Guide - Resource Page

Resources to get you started with building your own home business within 90 days (actually, you could start in minutes...)

This page is to provide you with resources for starting to earn extra income online.

The book I wrote from this blog, "A Review and Guide for Mike Dillard's Elevation Income," is being posted to the various book publishers and all link right back here. So - thanks for coming. You're in good company.

This page follows the book, and makes the links available so you can have them all at a glance (or if you have the paperback version, clickable links.)

Let me apologize right off the bat. While Dillard says you can get started in 90 days, I say you can get started in 90 minutes or less. Both require a great deal more work after you get the site itself up. But if you are as ready for your home business to start, the resources below (as well as those posted on this blog, or in the book) you can actually have the business itself set up in just a few minutes. The rest of the 94+ days will be in getting your product set up and promoted properly. Like the old Apple commercial, "We apologize that you have to plug it in."

Note: where I could, I inserted affiliate links - so you can help me pay for my research time... ;)

Mike Dillard's Sites 

Domain names



Shopping Carts/Merchant Accounts

Blogging and Site-Building Training

Recommended Membership Plug-ins for Wordpress

  • Contains bonus with tutorials on setting up Wordpress on your hosting for free.
  • Gives you a starter theme and enables split-testing on the landing pages you build.

About Memberships


Copywriters to follow

(Note: you can readily find books and materials from all of these on the Internet for the cost of a download. The links go directly to their sites where available)
  • Perry Marshall
  • Dan Kennedy
  • John Carlton
  • Michel Fortin
  • Pete Godfrey
  • Joe Vitale
  • David Ogilvy
  • Victor Schwab
  • Bob Serling
  • Yaro Starak
  • Joe Sugarman
  • Elmer Wheeler   

How to Write at all...


Perry Marshall (He's got the best book on this.)

Mental Success Mindset

Market Research

Market Samurai (best tool - period.) Also use Amazon, eBay, Google trends, etc. - any place shoppers congregate.

Social Signals

More books by Dr. Robert C. Worstell

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