Monday, April 28, 2014

A New Book Release - A Review of Mike Dillard's Elevation Income

How to Build A Million-Dollar Company From Your Own Home in Just 90 Days ...Really?!?

Mike Dillard's Elevation Income Review - How to Build a Million-Dollar Company from Your Own Home in Just 90 Days - Really?!?
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To begin with, I was caught by surprise.

I was doing my usual, which was working at the daily grind of my slow, but steady home business (of publishing books) when I got this email about a new release coming out.

But it said nothing more than “Dillard was releasing something new, and did I want to be part of it?”

I knew of Mike Dillard from his days in Magnetic Sponsoring. This is where he “almost single-handedly revolutionized the Network Marketing industry” – simply by introducing them to Attraction Marketing, and the Self-Liquidating Offer (“Funded Proposal”)

After that, he'd gone on to build something called the Elevation Group which I hadn't paid much attention to, since it was beyond my price range.

Then I got another email saying how to login to the affiliate members area – and once I got in, I started reviewing his descriptions about what was being offered...

The reason I'm finally publishing this - is so you can learn from someone who's been there, drunk the Kool-Aid, and survived.

(From the Introduction)

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This book has just been released (today, actually.) 

You're in luck that I thought to give it a landing page so you could find where and how to get your own copies.

This is part of the Online Millionaire Plan book series. (Which I'll get together in a bundle for you at some point...)

Where To Buy Your Copy


ISBN 9781312144651
Edition beta 0.1a
Publisher Midwest Journal Press
Published April 27, 2014
Language English
Pages 202
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink  Black & white
Weight 0.79 lbs.
Dimensions (inches) 6 wide x 9 tall
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Links in this book (in case you got the hardcopy version):
Overall -
Elevation Income Offer (go ahead and sign up for "future notices", then they should send you a link to the sales page.)
Elevation Group - membership to how to invest your extra income.
Magnetic Sponsoring for MLM home businesses

Fulfillment -

Affiliate Site Alternatives - 

Email Service Providers - 
AWeber (recommended)

Membership Paid Hosting -

Membership Self Hosting - 

Product Creation - 

References - 
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