Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Bottom Line to Mike Dillard's Success with Evolution Group and Magnetic Sponsoring

You, too, could learn how to succeed as Mike Dillard did - just study his footprints...


As I write this, I'm slogging through the Elevation Income videos that Dillard and his partner created. Well, they are far more enjoyable than that - but I'm a high-paced guy, so I've already been through the online text several times (and even created a version for my smartphone...)

Video's don't tend to leverage as well as text. It's spending time in a direct one-for-one investment.

What Dillard discovered with his Magnetic Sponsoring is that when you concentrate on exponential result (one-for-many) - then you are able to get into the millionaire level of operating.

Here's his secret:

JV-launches to a membership.

Sure, that ought to be right up there in thousand-foot high letters, lit up with Klieg lights and glitter - but get this point: it's that simple.

Of course, he has 10 video's with matching lessons all about what he considers the important parts of his success - and there's a lot of great advice there.

But the core of his elegant solution is just that - getting JV's to offer their lists his/your membership.

Let's break that down further to see how you could do it on your own - starting from what you have in front of you and at hand.

Breakdown and Blueprint

  1. Dillard's Million Dollar "rain-making" skill is copywriting. And that is what set him apart from all the other MLM experts in his industry. Essentially, in studying how to write copy and sell online, he also mastered the approaches of Internet Marketing as he brought these over into Network Marketing.  But he first took the year of study on everything he could find about direct response advertising, which included human psychology and copywriting. Even re-writing the most successful copy by hand in order to assimilate it into his core. You can do this with simply finding the copywriting legends (search for that phrase and make your list of names which keep coming up) and then download PDF books by them (search for "[name] filetype:PDF" on Google.)
  2. Product launches with Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula. Of course, this isn't a cheap purchase, and Walker only opens this up a few times a year to do a new release. But you can scrape through on the Internet and get the video's and mind maps about how he does these. That will get you started. Walker also lays out how to contact JV's to get them on board as partners.
  3. Membership backend. While Dillard recommends a $400/mo solution to hosting your backend, it won't take that much to get started. What runs Elevation Group is actually a plug-in called WishList, which runs on a Wordpress backend. And any hosting will allow you to install Wordpress for free. So that's a $10/mo. hosting with a $97 one-time purchase.
  4. A burning design to succeed. This is straight out of Think and Grow Rich, which is on Dillard's recommended resources list. However, until you make it a driving passion in your life, you aren't going to really arrive anywhere - because you won't get started. Begin with the end in mind. Decide what you want to accomplish, then put it on a card to carry with you. Envision that every day, 2 or 3 times per day - as if it's already come true. Experience the feelings associated with that accomplishment. Do this every single day and you'll see it start to take form around you - literally. With every decision, ask yourself: "Does this bring me closer to that goal?" or "Does this make [goal] happen?
If you use your Internet connection to get the materials you want, and then apply them diligently toward your goal - you can and will achieve similar, or even greater success than Dillard.

Thought you'd want to see how simple it is.

See you on the other side.
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