Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Unboxing Elevation Income by Mike Dillard

Just some pictures of my Elevation Income Kit as it arrived today.

You can see here that it's a pretty-well thought-out kit. 500 pages of well-designed typography and the DVD's with videos to match the course.

I'd have set a binder separate from the DVD's - as this isn't an easy study the way it's presented. Or maybe a set of comb-bindered packs, one for each lesson. Spiral-bound would be even better, since you could flip the pages back.

The pristine white cover will probably make it a collector's piece, regardless (like the Beatle's "White Album.")

Now I imagine that they are later going to offer a special "web only" version of this offer, since the materials in the book are just what you get when you login to the site after you purchase.

Word for word.

Only the Kit looks nicer.

Feels great to hold, too - something no website can match.

What could be improved...

Like maybe including some bonuses you can't get online. There's already a bonus video online which isn't in the kit.

A simple thing would be to throw in some printed tickets to an "exclusive" online coaching webinar. Or even better would be a special added lesson or binder.

Somehow, I thought I was going to get a hard copy of Dillard's famous Magnetic Sponsoring booklet - but only saw that it's available online as a free download. (Sigh.)

Another point would be to create an ebook (ebub, mobi, AND pdf) so a person could carry this around with them. I started on a version for myself, but it's taking some time.

A data-CD with these and the other PDF's only available online would be nice.

Again, one of the key reasons I bought this kit was to see how it was done.

Very nice product.

Being merely a hard-copy version of the online scene doesn't make the "10x" level they advise, though.

If you compare the online site with places MarketSamurai.com Dojo, you'll see a more refined presentation - although they don't offer a swanky kit (but could.)

The point isn't the package.

That's the scene to understand here. When you watch the videos, you get these guys' real passion at helping people to understand the scene. They come from their own backgrounds and use these as examples.

And it's pointed at the group of people who are working to improve their own financial scene.

Earlier I've pointed out wholes in their system, but really when you take this above into account, you'll then put the video's in context. These videos look as if they were shot in a single day, pointed at a select group of people.

After this internal "beta" launch succeeded, they then opened it broader - which is where I came on board.

I come from the very sparse, millionaire-from-scratch background. So my point is to help anyone and everyone to get started from where they are right now.

In that, the core lessons are in getting these Elevation Income videos and really tearing them down to nuts and bolts and parts all over the shop floor.

Suggestion here is to really take Magnetic Sponsoring apart. You can study the copywriting that Dillard wrote, and the courses they offer, as well as services. That will put you well on your way to your own "million-dollar skill" and your own financial freedom.

It starts with you, right now.

Of course, you can't get these videos or the kit by only sitting here and reading this.

You have to click on the links and get the products in order to start your own road to financial freedom and unlimited extra online income.

Over to you.

Meet you at the top.
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