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Getting Dillard's Kit isn't even the beginning - it starts earlier than the 90 Days...

90 Days isn't just that easy - it's your prior years of hard-won knowledge and experience that  will determine if you make your business an breakthrough in actuality.

Harley Breakthrough

Breakthroughs aren't luck. They aren't won from a lottery. You earn them.

Napoleon Hill said in his Think and Grow Rich, - "You can't get without giving."

In our case, the fledgling entrepreneur must invest his or herself in the process of learning personally how to make each and every part of an online marketing campaign work - as far down into the nuts and bolts as he or she want to dive.

Mike Dillard spent several years - from graduating College up to his 27-year-old millionaire breakthrough - just getting ready to succeed. But then that first million - and an 8-figure continuing online business resulted.

Practically, it was his dogged determinism and studying everything he could lay his hands on that had to do with direct response marketing - these are the points where he prepared for building that 1 1/2 year success story that's touted.

Those results were duplicated earlier, in a Canadian fitness chain by T. Harv Eker. This was not his first million dollars - but it was the first one he kept, and this was his leveraged buy-out which gave him a chance to retire and form his second multi-million-dollar empire. The results are the same. The core principles are the same.

Mike Dillard actually got lucky that he didn't blow it all from the mistakes he made and the self-professed "Doo-Dads" he was buying. (And these stories are documented in the video lessons.) But he hired Robert Reisch and the results we now can study at our leisure.

Both Dillard and Eker cover the same point: "Begin with the end in mind." Eker wrote the book on this point, called "Speedwealth" - where you can take your business from zero to nothing rapidly.

This is the follow-up course to Elevation Income, as far as I'm concerned. (But at least it's a free download, and Eker hosts seminars on this every year...)

Through this blog, I've covered here all the shortcuts you can take - but they won't help you learn the hard-core skills that are required. This is again your "rain-making" skill. Until you have it, you won't be able to make any 90-day business wonder for yourself.

So don't cut this short. That's the real reason for the hours of professional-grade videos and 500 pages of text in Elevation Income.

I've been through some other programs before (although I've not paid this much before - I'm frugal, after all) and none really comes up to the Elevation Group level.

Not that this course is really set to make you a success. It's got some holes I've tried to punch through for you. (Like the point that you can't really start from scratch and need to pay a few hundred a month from income you haven't made yet...)

Still, the concepts are real, and solid. Most will need to be internalized before they become real - and effective.

My own breakthrough was seeing that it was simply a JV-launched membership. When you have the background of everything else (my own hard-won  years of dissecting so-called Internet Marketing) - then this starts to make everything fall into place.

The scene with IM is that there's no relative importances assigned. You're left to figure things out on your own. On top of that the usual adage, "if it sounds too good to be true" leaves you with not a lot of choices.

The trick is to find people who are honestly working to help people. Of course, they get richer in the process. Just the way things work.

Yes, the scene is that only 1 in 10,000 will really see success with this or any material. 1 in 1,000 will get some results. Everyone else buys their ticket and takes their chances. Just the way things work.

The point is to make all this available to anyone and everyone. Because without that chance, they don't have one.  And that is how the rich have always worked. That's the real scene behind how they remain rich.

It is a mindset scene. The rich just think different about money. This was Eker's point in retiring so that he could think out how this actually worked. He'd made his millions and now he needed to figure out what just happened. He started personally coaching others in marketing, finally resulting in the book and regular seminars on "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind."  He could have easily said Your Millionaire Mind.

Because that is where it really happens.

You change your mind and then you change your life. Believe it and then you'll see it. Hill covered this as "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

And that is why you should get this course, all in addition to the other studies you'll need to do.

Once you know the nuts and bolts of how online success is put together, then you'll see how simple it is to duplicate it.

And the next course in helping people with their million-dollar successes will be yours.
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