Saturday, November 2, 2013

How to Build Your Own Membership like a Bum Marketer

Because if you're starting from less than scratch, maybe you deserve a break today...

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I found a broken link in Yaro Starak's PDF about memberships.

He simply dropped this bombshell idea that you could actually start a membership with just AWeber and a PayPal account. Theoretically, this could apply to one of the "free trial" autoresponders like Mail Chimp.

Here's the link:

And there's a great video on that page as well, just to help you get started.  It looks like this:

They've also got a PDF on the subject, but another page says it's out of date.

With just that low cost, you'd get a profit-making mambership up and running without hosting.

There's also a way to get DigiResults or JVZoo into the mix, so you'd have affiliates bringing you sales. Either of these, to my current knowledge, will host your digital downloads for you, as well as landing and thank you pages. Or you can create those pages though AWeber or just take the default ones PayPal uses.

Of course, looking pro and getting into a higher range of income will ultimately demand you get hosting somewhere. There is no free blog or site hosting that I know of that doesn't make you look cheap.

The one advantage to this is being able to test your niche area for conversions, plus building your list meanwhile.

Any unsubscribe for recurring payments is handled between AWeber and PayPal. So you could simply use AWeber for your drip delivery, setting these up on a monthly or bi-weekly (even daily) basis. The content is hosted on JVZoo or DigiResults, so you're set.

This really is closer to the "Funded Proposal" Mike Dillard recommended in his Magnetic Sponsoring. Get some info product up that addresses the problem in your niche which people will pay you for. (The amount of juice being worth the squeeze, as the Elevation Income videos cover.)

  1. Set up your AWeber/PayPal/JVZoo connection to sell and fulfill for you. 
  2. Create a recurring income with regular monthly deliveries - or a limited series with a set number of recurring payments.
  3. Use this income to finance other expenses in your business, like additional marketing.
  4. Bootstrap yourself into a domain+hosting and a proper membership backend.
  5. Fill out your sales funnel and split-test your sales, landing, and thankyou/cross-sell pages to perfection.
  6. Leverage all this into 6- or 7- or even 8-figure passive income.
  7. Systemize and automate this as much as possible to free up your time. 
  8. Create additional membership sites for multiple passive income streams and/or sell the profitable one you have.
  9. Invest extra income meanwhile into other passive income streams as well.
  10. Enjoy true financial freedom from there on out.
  11. Bequeath your "gold egg-laying" passive income sources to deserving and supportive relatives or charity - for the distant time when you no longer need it.
- - - -

Wishing you every success you deserve.

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