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Insta-Member Unboxing Review

How to roll your own membership: strategies and tactics

Insta-Member is my weapon of choice in this game for Internet bucks.

Internet Marketing is a game that everyone can win, however. Because there are more niches than can be filled easily. The information overload, which we all experience to some degree, will be solved by people taking various niches and organizing them by reviews and into packages to purchase and digest at leisure.

In short, everyone can be a millionaire, live a life wherever they choose, surrounded by people they appreciate and who appreciate them.

Of course you have to pay your dues. None of this happens without your investing time and a little money into building your information empire.

The trick is to build it sustainably, so that shortly after you have the idea, the business is up and running, generating income to support itself. That is an odd idea in this age of Venture Capitalism.

It is the sensible way to start your own home business, however.

And the solution, as Mike Dillard promises through his Elevation Income, is to build a membership base which will help you build relationships with your clients and attract more people and sales as it grows.

My membership script of choice became Insta-Member.

Tactics for Success

My last article about Membership basics laid out points common to Dillard's in his 10th video.

  1. Keep it Simple
  2. Keep it Low Cost
  3. Keep it Standard
  4. If anyone says, "Wouldn't it be nice if: ____" - Please re-read rule #3.
I agree with these - and they show my reasons for choosing Insta-Member

You want something that simply installs on a commonly used and supported backend. Insta-Member installs on Wordpress, which is the most popular platform out there.

Low cost. Insta-member is only $47, but the value is much higher. But just stick to what they include in the package to begin with.

Because in #3 you see: keep it standard. Don't get into a lot of other add-ons. Just get started with what you have. (This also goes for free plug-ins and what-nots. The only trouble I ever got into with Wordpress was adding all these conflicting niceties which locked up the server. KISS, again.)

The point is to get your business up and running right off the bat, earning its own way. The more you spend, the further you'll be from a profitable, self-supporting business.

Features I needed in my Membership script

  • Built-in shopping cart. 
  • Integration with my autoresponder for my existing lists.
  • Built-in affiliate program - to turn all clients into affiliates.
  • Coupon capability, to give members-only discounts.
  • Ability to link out to affiliate programs and sell through these JV's.

Otherwise, it has to run simply as a membership and get the job done.

Now if you want to get under the hood with Insta-member, you can find all their PDFs at These will tell you more than you need to know to get started. Their Quick Start Guide is a good stepping-off point.

Unboxing Insta-Member

The trick, as I mentioned earlier, is to see your download link on that Clickbank page once you buy it. 

Now, I'm just telling you what I found inside at this point. (Too busy getting through the documentation, but I'll have that running by the end of today so you can see it - and even join...)

You'll note that along with the bonuses, there are considerable upsells you can take. KISS, for now. Get through the bonuses and resources.

Bonuses with Insta-Member

  • Membership Site Secrets

This is a set of 10 videos, along with a transcript, which you can digest on your own. While they look to be PLR (no author), they are well-executed (if a bit dry.) I reviewed this in my last article and gave you the highlights.

  • WP Launch Theme

This theme is a basic one to get you going. 

  • Ultimate WP Video Tutorials

These training videos take you through setting up Wordpress from scratch, if you've never done it before. (Even though I've done it probably a hundred times, I'll still go through these to see if I can pick up any other tips.)

  • Simple S3 Video Plug-in for Wordpress

Allows you to host your video's on Amazon S3, which is inexpensive, secure, and doesn't have the adds and baggage of YouTube.

  • Premium Web Elements Triple Pack

3 graphics packages and a ton of different graphic elements to help you get started.

  • "7 Key Elements - Success is a Combination!"

This PDF is very well written and will tell you business basics that are vital to your success. After you finish this one, pull out your copy of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich to review the few points they didn't cover (Hill had 13 to their 8.)

Tutorial Section

This is intense
  • You can access the User Guide here, but it's also linked within the Insta-Member plugin.
  • The QuickStart Guide also has a 20-minute video to walk you through everything. 
  • Installation Video to show you how to install the plugin.
  • How to Update your Insta-Member Plugin - nice 12-minute video. Also covers backups.
  • Quick Training Videos - most of these are accessible through the plugin, which cover video guides on how to use this plugin from start to finish. 22 videos total here.
  • Payment Integration Tutorials - 7 videos covering the most common payment processing sites. 3 are less common affiliate sites: JVZoo, WSO Pro, and DigiResults. 

And there's the usual suspects where you can pay them to do the installation.

There's a support link for getting help with anything else.

Also you can (and should) become an affiliate - just use your ClickBank ID.

One Ton of Goodies - unexpected and needed

So there's your unboxing - you get more than you think when signing up.

If you want a fuller list of features, see

Next: Strategies Applied - Watch as I eat my own dog food and set up a membership simply, cheaply, successfully...
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